• Title
    Pig Improvement Company Archive
  • Reference
    TR DX2321
  • Production date
    Jun 1935; Dec 1955-Aug 2015
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  • Creator History
    Dr. Maurice Bichard was an Honorary Principal Research Fellow, Department of Agriculture at the University of Reading, UK. He was initially appointed as a consultant for the Pig Improvement Company (PIC) in 1966, and subsequently as Director of Research and Development in 1974. Dr. Bichard later became Technical Director until his retirement in 1995. Dr. Bichard wrote expensively on pig breeding and his work with PIC around the world. He appeared at numerous conference and events on the same subject. Dr. Maurice Bichard is also a basket collector. He has written a book titled ‘Baskets in Europe’, and presented a ‘History of baskets and basket making; course at the Museum of English Rural Life in 2011.
  • Scope and Content
    The collection includes papers by or relating to Dr. Maurice Bichard and his work at Pig Improvement Company. Dr. Bichard was initially appointed as a consultant for the Pig Improvement Company (PIC) in 1966, and subsequently as Director of Research and Development in 1974. Dr. Bichard later become Technical Director until his retirement in 1995. Company related papers include the first Pig Improvement Company (PIC) commercial account book, administrative records such as one wage book and other records relating to employees, including social events and societies. The collection includes records regarding international branches of PIC and other scouting work done abroad, records relating to PIC’s intellectual property, import and export, and different standards to which PIC worked to, including those of the European Community. Includes legal records such as those relating to acquisitions, partnerships, shareholdings, and purchases done by PIC, as well as a property record for the original purchase of Nucleus Farm at Fyfield Wick, Abingdon, England. Some of these records are contextualised by notes or emails from Dr. Bichard. The collection also includes records relating to the technical work carried out by PIC, as well as papers and dissertations on pig breeding, house journals and bulletins, press cuttings, project files, and company histories. A note from depositor, signed M. Bichard, August 2019, states that disease control is 'greatly under-represented in these files', and explains that this is because all files came from the company's Chief Geneticist, and the disease/health files were not available. He adds that 'disease control was equally, or more important in PIC's success than genetics'.
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    16 boxes
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  • System of arrangment
    The collection is arranged within the following series: TR DX2321 AC: Accounts TR DX2321 AD: Administrative records TR DX2321 CO: Company legal records TR DX2321 ET: Technical records TR DX2321 P: Publications TR DX2321 SH: Records relating to awards TR DX2321 SP: Social and personal records They are then further arranged within these subseries, each containing one or more files. TR DX2321 AC2: Cash book TR DX2321 AD1: Minutes and proceedings of board meetings TR DX2321 AD3: Records related to Pig Improvement company (PIC) employees TR DX2321 AD6: Branch records TR DX2321 AD7: Commercial records TR DX2321 CO1: Company legal records relating to acquisitions, partnerships, and changes in management TR DX2321 CO2: Company legal records: memorandum and shares TR DX2321 CO4: Property records TR DX2321 ET1: Technical Records: Experimental and General Reference TR DX2321 ET3: General technical reference records TR DX2321 P4: House journals and technical bulletins TR DX2321 P7: Records relating to Pig Improvement Company (PIC) events TR DX2321 P9: Other publication records (including cuttings) TR DEX 2321 PF: Project Files TR DX2321 SH2: Registers of Lists and Awards TR DX2321 SP1: General reference records including company histories TR DX2321 SP2: Records of events, societies and organisations
  • Publication Note
    A number of published books came in with the Pig Improvement Company's archive collection. These have now been accessioned and catalgoued as part of the Museum of English Rural Life library.