• Title
    Drawing showing design for 1993 at Shute House, Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire
  • Reference
    AR JEL DO1 S2/20
  • Production date
    23 Sep 1993
  • Scope and Content
    Practice: Geoffrey Jellicoe, Highpoint Drawn by: Geoffrey Jellicoe Drawing type: Plan with detail plan, section and elevation of swimming pool Plan of garden showing removal of formal box edged plots replaced with swimming pool and pergola shelter; this shown backed by tall hedge to maintain good view from adjacent rill garden; wedge of existing hedge on north side, open on south and west sides. Beyond hammerhead pool at end of main garden, two ponds shown before footpath and another on far side; much larger pond fitting in between edge of ha-ha and footpath fills eastern edge, with island, boat house and backed on the east with planting.
  • Extent
    2 (one dyeline)
  • Physical description
    620x440mm. Ink over pencil on tracing; taped edges.
  • Level of description
  • Content person
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    Copyright LI