Electron Microscopy Workshops

EMLab Workshop


The Electron Microscopy Laboratory will be running a series of workshops for post-graduate students, researchers and staff to learn more about the various techniques available within EMLab and how these techniques can help in particular research programmes. Each session will introduce the technique, cover what can be obtained and conclude with a practical demonstration.


The Electron Microscopy workshops start at 11am and refreshments will be available from 10.50. The session will finish by 12 noon.

18 October 2016

Introduction to EM Lab

25 October 2016

Scanning Electron Microscopy

1 November 2016

Transmission Electron Microscopy

8 November 2016

Advanced SEM

15 November 2016

Biological specimen preparation for SEM


22November 2016


X-ray microanalysis


29 November 2016


Biological specimen preparation for TEM

Please sign-up for the Electron Microscopy session by contacting Sherrie Foo in EMLab via s.j.foo@reading.ac.uk or ext. 4616


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