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bus on campus smallerBuses are a great way to travel to our campuses. Buses come to our Whiteknights and London Road campuses every 7 minutes from Reading train station and town centre, and there are a variety of excellent value fares available.

Guide to getting the best value bus travel for you

Buses to Reading campuses: Whiteknights and London Road

Buses to Henley Business School, Greenlands Campus

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The University works very closely with local bus companies to ensure a great service and to provide travel discounts for students and staff. Since September 2014 the claret 21 has been 24/7 running all night, making late night trips to bars or clubs or even the library that bit easier.  We have also introduced the new claret spritzer 21a which only goes between town and the University and should mean reduced bus stop queues at peak times, with a bus every 7 minutes. A range of Simplyuni bus passes are available in termly, academic year, and full year and are available for both students and staff.

Termly passes

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term 
£112 £112 £81

Academic Year simplyuni pass - 19 September - 11 June 2017 £305.

Full year simplyuni pass, valid for 365 days - £460. University Staff can buy this pass through the Bus+ salary sacrifice scheme for even greater savings.

Occasional bus user? You can still save with a easysaver10 card. Buy a easysaver10 card with 10 single trips and you don't need to remember to have the correct change. Order the card online from the Reading Buses Website and top it up whenever you run low on trips. Perfect for bus travel a few times a week or less. The trips won't expire until you use them. The cards and top-ups are £16 online, or £17 from a bus shop or on-bus topups, saving you up to £4 for every 10 journeys.

All new first years in September should have received a card with 2 free trips in your welcome pack - no need to order a new card, just register this one online and top it up.

New Boost fares for students in Reading who are under 21, the same as an easysaver10 but you save event more money. See

Introducing the new 60 minute ticket for those needing two buses to make their journey.

Other fare offers are available. See our 'what is the best value fare for me' tips below.

Buses to Reading campuses: Whiteknights and London Road

Reading buses claret service 21/21a travels from Reading train station and town centre past London Road campus and onto Whiteknights campus every 7 minutes during the day in term time.

A single on-bus fare costs £2.00; and a day ticket or return £4.00. Exact change or a prepayment card will be required. Other fares are also available (see fare guide below) including a short hop fare of £1.20 between Whiteknights and London Road campuses, and between London Road campus and Reading Train Station.

Bus services to our Reading campuses
 Route  Destinations  Operator Frequency 

claret 21/21a

Reading Train Station, Central Reading; Kendrick Road (for London Road campus); Whiteknights Campus; Earley; Asda Earley. Reading Buses

Daytime 7 minutes Evenings and weekends 10-15 minutes

Night time service at least hourly

scarlet 9  Edge of Whiteknights (SportsPark); Hospital; London Road (for London Road campus)

Reading Buses


30 minutes 

leopard 3 Reading; Edge of Whiteknights campus (SportsPark); Arborfield; Wokingham

Reading Buses

 20 minutes


The nineteens (19a, 19b, 19c) Central Reading; RBH; Northern edge of Whiteknights campus; Bridges and Wessex Halls, Earley Gate; Bulmershe; Woodley; Lower Earley Asda Reading Buses

Every 20 minutes between Town and Early Gate.

Hourly beyond Earley Gate.

 17 Earley Gate side of Whiteknights campus (Three Tuns stop); Central Reading Reading Buses  10 minutes. 24 hour service  
lion 4 Earley Gate side of Whiteknights campus (Three Tuns stop); Wokingham; Bracknell Reading Buses (previously First route 90)  20 minutes peak  
189 Earley Gate side of Whiteknights campus (Three Tuns stop); Wokingham  Courtneys  Hourly  

In addition to the services listed above, London Road campus is very close to central Reading, and therefore within a 5-10 minutes walk to many additional bus services along the Kings Road such as 13, 800/850.

Buses to Henley Campus, Greenlands

Our Greenlands campus at Henley is accessible by bus from High Wycombe; Marlow; Henley; Shiplake / Twyford and Reading. Arriva service 800/850 stops on the main A4155 road along the edge of the Greenlands campus roughly every 20 minutes. See the following links for route and timetable information and detail of fares.

 800/850 timetable

 Arriva fares information

You can get a trial week's ticket for this service - contact for more info.

Simplyuni and unisaver10 passes are not valid on this service.

Handy Guide: Which is the best value fare for me?

The information on this page applies to bus travel in Reading. If you are travelling to Greenlands campus near Henley please see our buses to Greenlands section.

If you travel regularly by bus consider one of our great value simplyuni passes. These are valid on all standard services operated by Reading Buses throughout Reading. Look out for information about them being sold on campus at the beginning of each term, do it online, over the phone, or visit their travel shop in Broadstreet mall.

Occasional travel between Whiteknights and London Road

Short hop fares bought on the bus are the cheapest for certain journeys (Whiteknights - London Road; London Road - Train station). Whiteknights campus to the Train station requires a standard fare (also see information on plus bus). You need exact change or to have a prepaid cashless payment card.

Occasional standard bus journeys (eg Whiteknights to central Reading)

For occasional bus journeys in Reading the best value fare is the EasySaver10 and having one of these cards in your wallet means you don't need to remember to have the correct change. This is a prepayment card where ten single journeys are bought at once. A easysaver10 smartcard must initially be bought online (£16) or in the travel shop (£17), and can then be topped up. The trips won't expire until you use them. Two journeys using this card are cheaper than a return ticket bought using cash on the bus (unless your journey starts after 5.30pm on a weekday in which case you could get a cheap adult return for £2.40).

Students under 21 can save even more money with a boost card.

Lots of travel in a single day?

A day ticket is also available for £4.00, or if you are travelling with friends consider the '4 go together' ticket, which lets four people travel for £8 all day, or for £5 after 5.30pm and all day weekends. Cheap adult returns at £2.40 are also now available after 5.30pm during the week.

Train travellers should also consider the plusbus which cost £3 for all day travel bought with your railticket and is even less if you have a rail discount card.

More than four standard single trips a week?

Simplyuni passes - academic year or annual are best value for you and will save you lots of money.

More than six trips a week?

Any Simplyuni passes, including the 10 week term one will save you money. If you use the bus twice a day, 5 days a week, and buy a simplyUni Term pass you could save £60 compared to the cheapest available on-bus fares! Remember to add in any occasional bus travel you may do at the weekends to check how much you could be saving.

Simplyuni termly and yearly passes

Termly passes

Autumn Term 19 Sept - 11 Dec 2016 Spring Term 9 Jan - 26 Mar 2017 Summer Term 17 Apr - 11 Jun 2017
£112 £112 £81

Academic Year simplyuni pass, valid 21 Sept 17 - 11 June 17 - £305.

Full year simplyuni pass, valid for 365 days - £460. University Staff can buy this pass through the Bus+ salary sacrifice scheme for even greater savings.

The simplyuni passes are valid on all Reading Buses standard services throughout Reading. Look out for information about them being sold on campus at the beginning of each term, do it, online, over the phone, or visit their travel shop in Broadstreet mall.

Other bus fares

Other tickets are also available. See Reading buses website for other fare information, including for longer distance bus journeys, night travel, group travel tickets, travel for under 18's, weekly and monthly passes. See for more information.

For general information about which buses travel to the University, timetables and routes, see

PlusBus plusbus

Travelling by train and bus?

Pay for your bus ticket when you buy your train ticket using PLUSBUS and you could save on your bus travel.

If you have a 16-25 Railcard, you can save one-third off your PLUSBUS day ticket.

Find out more in the PLUSBUS leaflet or visit plusbus

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