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English Literature

Students can only study a maximum of 2 English Literature modules (modules starting EN****), regardless of duration of period of study. The only exceptions are students coming to Reading via dedicated English exchanges, namely Hiedelberg, Prague, Salamanca and Valldolid.


Students cannot select 2 (two) IWLP non-'English for Erasmus modules for credit. it is possible to select 'English for Erasmus students' (LA1PE8) + another IWLP module.

'English for Erasmus students' (LA1PE8) is only available for non-native English speaking students.

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Module CodeModule TitleTerms TaughtECTS credits
EN0IFInternational foundation Programme in English LiteratureAutumn Spring Summer 20
EN2CMNChaucer and Medieval NarrativeSpring 10
EN2CRICritical IssuesAutumn 10
EN2MODModernism in Poetry and FictionSpring 10
EN2RERRestoration to Revolution: 1660-1789Autumn 10
EN2RPThe Romantic PeriodSpring 10
EN2RTCRenaissance Texts and CulturesSpring 10
EN2VICVictorian LiteratureAutumn 10
EN2WAWriting AmericaSpring 10
EN3APAmerican Poetry: Bishop to DoveSpring 10
EN3BBFBlack British FictionAutumn 10
EN3CFContemporary American FictionAutumn 10
EN3CMClass MattersSpring 10
EN3EFFiction and Ethnicity in Post-War Britain and AmericaSpring Summer 10
EN3EREditing the RenaissanceAutumn 10
EN3FRGFamily Romances: Genealogy, Identity, and Imposture in the Nineteenth-Century NovelAutumn 10
EN3HJVCity of Death and Desire: Henry James and VeniceSpring 10
EN3IPIrish Poetry after YeatsAutumn 10
EN3JJJames JoyceAutumn 10
EN3JMJohn Milton: Poet of the English RepublicAutumn 10
EN3MATMargaret AtwoodSpring 10
EN3MCPModern and Contemporary British PoetrySpring 10
EN3MSFModern Scottish Fiction: From Jean Brodie to TrainspottingSpring 10
EN3NCANineteenth-Century American FictionAutumn 10
EN3NLNigerian Prose Literature: From Achebe to AdichieAutumn 10
EN3SBSamuel BeckettAutumn 10
EN3SMThe Writer's Workshop: Studying ManuscriptsAutumn 10
EN3VWVirginia Woolf and BloomsburyAutumn 10
EN3WGJWriting Global JusticeAutumn 10
EN3WWPWriting Women: Nineteenth Century PoetryAutumn 10
EU1POST45The Making of Modern Europe (2) : Europe since 1945Spring Summer 10
EU1PRE45The Making of Modern Europe (1) : Europe to 1945Autumn Summer 10
EU2STASociety, Thought, and Art in Modern EuropeAutumn Spring 10
EU2UNRUnity, Nationalism and Regionalism in EuropeAutumn Spring 10
EU3CS1European Case Studies (1)Autumn Summer 10
EU3CS2European Case Studies (2)Spring Summer 10
EU3CS3European Case Studies (3)Autumn Spring Summer 10
EU3CS4European Case Studies (4)Autumn Spring 10
FR103Contemporary France: History, Politics, LiteratureAutumn Spring Summer 10
FR104French Cinema: Society, Culture and HistoryAutumn Spring Summer 10
FR2FLOFrench Literature OnscreenAutumn 5
FR2HYWThe Hundred Years WarAutumn 5
FR2IEIntroduction to EnlightenmentSpring 5
FR2L4Advanced French Language IIAutumn Spring Summer 10
FR2NCNIntroduction to the 19th Century French NovelAutumn 5
FR2TCNIntroduction to the 20th Century French NovelSpring 5
FR2THRIntroduction to French TheatreSpring Summer 5
FR2WORFrance: War, Occupation, Resistance, Liberation, Decolonisation (1939-1962)Spring Summer 5
FR321France and Europe since 1945Autumn Spring Summer 10
FR3BELa Belle Epoque: France 1880-1914Spring 10
FR3EEFErasmus/Visiting Students - Translation: English/FrenchAutumn Spring 5
FR3EFEErasmus/Visiting Students - Translation: French/EnglishAutumn Spring 5
FR3FABFrench Animal Fables and their IllustrationsAutumn Spring 10
FR3FCThe French Caribbean: Language, Literature and IdentitySpring 10
FR3JCJean Cocteau: Films and Narratives.Autumn Spring Summer 10
FR3LMBFrench Language for Management & Business IIAutumn Spring 10
FR3RCOriginality in Nineteenth-Century France: Collaborating Authors and Reappearing CharactersAutumn Spring Summer 10
GM1IMGIcons of Modern GermanyAutumn Spring 10
GM2EGCEast German CinemaSpring 5
GM2L3Advanced German Language IAutumn Spring Summer 10
GM2L4Advanced German Language IIAutumn Spring Summer 10
GM3L6CAdvanced German Language III (3-yr prog)Autumn Spring Summer 10
GM3LMBGerman Language for Management & Business IIAutumn Spring 10
GM3MODAMobility and the Metropolis: Berlin in German LiteratureSpring 10
GM3WOSWar on Screen - Germany and its films about WWIIAutumn 10
IT1002Twentieth Century Italian CultureAutumn Spring 10
IT10MIMaking Italians: A Journey in the History and Culture of Modern ItalyAutumn Spring Summer 10
IT205Italian Cinema IAutumn Spring 10
IT2INT'Apocalittici e integrati': Intellectuals and Society in Twentieth Century ItalyAutumn Spring 10
IT2L2Intermediate Italian LanguageAutumn Spring Summer 10
IT2L4Advanced Italian Language IIAutumn Spring Summer 10
IT2LINGItalian LinguisticsAutumn Spring 10
IT2WWRWriting Women in Renaissance ItalyAutumn Spring 10
IT305DanteAutumn Spring Summer 10
IT3AFAfter the Flood: Italy from 1945-1956Autumn Spring 10
IT3L6CAdvanced Italian Language III (3-yr programme)Autumn Spring Summer 10
IT3LMBItalian Language for Management & BusinessAutumn Spring 10
IT3LPLanguage and PowerAutumn Spring 10
IT3MODPOEVoice and The Self in Modern Italian Poetry: 1900s-1980sAutumn Spring 10
IT3PSPerformance and the Self in Renaissance Italy: Court culture, Petrarch and his imitatorsAutumn Spring 10
LS1ELSEnglish Language and SocietyAutumn Spring Summer 10
LS2ANSAnalysing SpeechSpring 10
LS2CIECore Issues in English Language TeachingAutumn 10
LS2LAGLanguage and GenderSpring 10
LS2LAMLanguage and the MindSpring 10
LS2LTRLiteracy: Social, Educational and Cognitive PerspectivesSpring 10
LS2SLGSociolinguisticsAutumn 10
LS3ADApproaches to DiscourseAutumn 10
LS3CBLCorpus-based approaches to language descriptionAutumn 10
LS3DCLChild Language DevelopmentAutumn 10
LS3EIWEnglish in the WorldSpring 10
LS3IBIssues in BilingualismSpring 10
LS3LAMLanguage and the MindSpring 10
LS3LSTTeaching the Language SkillsSpring 10
ML3ILTIntroduction to Language TeachingAutumn Spring 10

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