Exhibition of artwork and photographs from our archive collections

Hoppé’s portrait photograph of Ezra PoundOur latest exhibition features artwork and photography from our archive collections.

View the exhibition at the Special Collections Service on Redlands Road, adjacent to the University's London Road campus, from 11 July to 30 September 2008.

Collections featured in the exhibition

The archive collections at the University of Reading contain a wealth of fine artwork and photography by a number of important artists, designers and photographers of the twentieth century.

The exhibition consists of three display cases, each containing a different aspect of graphic material:

  • photographs from the W.B. Yeats collection
  • artwork of the 1950s from the John and Griselda Lewis collection
  • artwork for book jackets from the Chatto & Windus collection

All examples of artwork and photography shown in the exhibition have been reproduced as high quality colour photocopies for the purpose of display, but you are welcome to view the original material at the Special Collections Service by appointment.

W.B. Yeats Collection (MS 5299)

This collection contains a number of photographs relating to the poet and his life, as well as some portraits by the photographers Alvin Langdon Coburn (1882-1966) and E.O. Hoppé (1878-1972).

The items on display include photographs of various characters of the day, many of whom were literary figures, including Mark Twain, Ezra Pound (shown above), W.B.Yeats and F.T. Marinetti.

John and Griselda Lewis Collection (MS 5317)

The John and Griselda Lewis collection contains eighty boxes of printed ephemera dating from the fifteenth to the late twentieth century. John Lewis was a typographer and graphic designer who, with Michael Twyman and Maurice Rickards, pioneered the study of printed ephemera.

The display features artwork produced during the 1950s for book jackets and calendars, and are typical of their period.

Records of Chatto & Windus (MS 2444)

This collection contains archive records of the publishing house, including a great quantity of artwork produced for book jackets.

The examples shown in the exhibition include work by many eminent artists and designers, including Vanessa Bell, Charles Mozley and Enid Marx.

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