Wellbeing, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality

SCFP's Wellbeing, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality CommitAthena Swan Silvertee (Chair: Prof. Helen Osborn) has representation from students, PDRAs, academic and support staff from all three of our departments. The aims and terms of reference for the WIDE Committee are given below and apply to all staff across the School:

WIDE Committee Aims

  • To promote and support a diverse community of staff and students
  • To create and provide environments that support people to feel free to be themselves, while respecting others
  • To recognise and address that in all areas there are equality and inclusion challenges for people with certain protected and unprotected characteristics
  • To enable all staff and students to fulfil their potential and to foster a working environment that protects their physical and mental wellbeing
  • To promote flexible working and good working practices, mentoring, mandatory unconscious bias training, support for promotions and professional behaviour
  • To measure our success on an annual basis through data collection and surveys, and communicate our findings to the School. This will inform our future priorities for action, and ensure that these priorities are embedded in School policy and practice, and align with the University wellbeing, equality and diversity policies and objectives

WIDE Committee Terms of Reference

  • To assess the School's position in relation to Diversity and Inclusion principles
  • To embed issues of equality within our working practices
  • To enhance opportunities for development for individuals and groups
  • To increase engagement with relevant University and School strategic aims
  • To improve social cohesion across the School
  • To hold one meeting per term to discuss and implement these actions
  • To represent the wellbeing of all student and staff groups

Members of the WIDE Committee 


Policies and Useful Links

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Our School recently gained an Athena SWAN Silver award. SWAN stands for Scientific Women's Academic Network and the awards are given to Departments, Schools and Institutions in recognition of excellence in SET employment; for example where family friendly working, transparent recruitment processes and clear promotion policies are evident.

The Silver award will be collected in December 2019.


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Professor Helen Osborn

Reading School of Pharmacy, Whiteknights, PO Box 224, Reading, RG6 6AD

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