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Professor Joel Felix
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From September 2013 I will take on a 3 year ESRC funded Professorial fellowship - details on

Areas of Interest:

I am a historian of the Ancien Regime and the French Revolution. Initially my research focused on political crises, in particular the conflicts between the Parlements and the Crown. Over the years I have developed an interest in fiscal issues which offers the possibility of revisiting a number of  debates about the early modern state and society. I am now exploring those questions within the wider European context and the struggle for great power status in the long 18th century.

Historical Finance/ Fiscal History

Postgraduate supervision:

I would be happy to supervise postgraduate students interested in research topics on the history of the Ancien Régime and the French Revolution.

Research groups / Centres:

I am one of the convenors of the Early Modern History research seminar at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR-London), a member of the international research group on the Contractor State and its implications, 1659-1815, which is based at the University of Navarra (Spain). 

Recently published (current REF):

'L'économie politique et la naissance de «l'opinion publique»', in B. Binoche and A. Lemaître (eds), L'opinion publique à l'âge des Lumières. Stratégies et concepts (Armand Colin, 2013)

'The problem with Necker's Compterendu au roi (1781)', in J. Swann and J. Félix (eds.), The crisis of the French Monarchy, France from Old Regime to Revolution (British Academy, OUP, 2013), pp. 107-125.

'Finances', in William Doyle (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Ancien Regime (OUP, 2011), pp. 75-92.

Forthcoming books:

Further to a Leverhulme Research Fellowship (2009), I am completing a monograph on the Fiscal origins of the French Revolution (Oxford University Press).

My main publications are:
Louis XVI et Marie-Antoinette. Un couple en politique, (Paris, Payot, 2006), 670p. (awarded the prix Paul-Michel Perret by the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, 2006).
.Spanish Translation: Maria Antoinieta y Luis XVI. Biografia politica de la parja real (Buenos Aires, El Ateneo, 2008), 607p.

Finances et politique au siècle des Lumières: le ministère L'Averdy, 1763-1768, (Paris, Comité pour l'Histoire Economique et Financière de la France 1999), 559p. 

Economie et finances sous l'Ancien Régime, guide du chercheur, 1523-1789, (Paris, Comité pour l'Histoire Economique et Financière de la France, 1994), 491p.
Les Magistrats du Parlement de Paris, 1771-1789, (Paris, Sedopols, 1990), 239p.
Other major publications :
E. Lemay (ed), Dictionnaire des constituants, 1789-1791, (Paris, Universitas, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 1991, 2 vols).
F. Bayard, J. Félix, P. Hamon, Dictionnaire des surintendants et des contrôleurs généraux des finances, (Paris, Comité pour l'Histoire Economique et Financière de la France 2000). See an on-line review at:
On-line publications:
Economie et finances sous l'Ancien Régime, guide du chercheur, 1523-1789, Paris, Imprimerie nationale, 491p.

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Finances et politique au siècle des Lumières: le ministère L'Averdy, 1793-1768, (Paris, Imprimerie nationale, 1999), 559p.

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Click here ( to see excerpts of the entries I wrote in the Dictionnaire des surintendants et contrôleurs généraux des finances, XVIe-XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles on the policies of French finance ministers appointed in the 18th century.

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A full list of my publications can be found on CentAUR


  • MA (Paris-IV Sorbonne)
  • DEA (EHESS-Paris)
  • Docteur en historie et civilisation (EHESS-Paris)
  • My CV can be found here
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