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The Tasks tab within Employee Self Service (ESS) enables Managers to access their to-do tasks that historically were only available via core Trent. Your Tasks list contains system-related tasks that you must complete, for example review and authorise an annual leave request for a direct report. At this time, no other system-related tasks will appear in this list. For example, we do not currently use approvals for an employee's Learning requests. Because ESS is available on any device and off campus it means that managers can review and action tasks when away from the office if needed.




Absence Requests - Personal Holiday

When a direct report submits a request (or amends a request) for annual leave, an approval workflow will be generated that requires your attention. You will receive an email to alert you to this task which will be listed within the Task tab of ESS.

Your first four tasks will display in blocks or 'cards' (as shown in the image above) or more requests will display in rows in order to fit the tasks on screen.  A quick Reference guide to authorising leave




1. Click the appropriate card in your tasks list.

2. Review the personal holiday request date(s) requested by the staff member.

3. Click the Action drop down and select either 'Authorised' or 'Not Authorised'.

5. Click Save. Remember to logout using the link in the top right-hand corner.


Points to remember

  • It may take a few minutes for a new item to appear in your Task tab once it has been entered into the system.
  • After the initial email to notify the Reporting Manager that they have a task to action, they will receive a reminder of the outstanding task 5 days after the request was submitted (if not already actioned). After 15 days without action, HR will be alerted to any unapproved tasks.
  • Unfortunately, you are not currently able to add notes back to an employee about their request from within ESS.

Future Enhancements: HR are currently working on adding the reportees name to the confirmation email that the Reporting Manager receives and adding a calendar appointment.

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Absence Quick guide authorising leave

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