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Employee Self Service - Personal

The Personal tab within Employee Self Service enables you to check and update some of your basic personal information, such as contact information, home address etc. We would encourage you to keep addresses, sensitive information and emergency contacts up to date using ESS.









Under contact details, you should check that your 'User Email' is set to your work address  

 ESS User mail address




 You can update some of the information in ESS yourself - just make a change and click the "Save" button. You will see a confirmation message on the screen to confirm that your changes have been saved. This is the only confirmation that you will receive - you can go back into any of these details and view or edit them as required. If, having tried to save a change, you get a message stating 'You do not have sufficient privileges to update/delete this record' then it means that you have attempted to update an item that only HR have access to change. If this happens, please email with details of the change you would like to be made. Certain changes, such as those to your job title, name or marital status require approval and/or documentary evidence before the HR records can be updated.

There are three main sections to the Personal tab:

  • My personal details
  • Contact information
  • Friends & Family

My personal details and Contact Information

Your personal details and contact information can be amended here e.g. change of preferred name, address and sensitive information which allows us to monitor Equality and Diversity information.

Friends & Family

Emergency contact and next of kin contact details should be set up at the point you join the University. These details can only be accessed by HR staff and are only used in the case of an emergency and where we have tried and failed to contact you directly. It is important that you regularly review these details to keep them up to date.

Viewing your Bank Details

A summary of your bank details for salary and remittance purposes is shown here. If you need to update your bank details, please email the HR Operations team on

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