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Pay & Benefits

The Pay & Benefits tab within Employee Self Service (ESS) enables you to check and download your payslip history and P60's. Your payslip details will include Payments, Deductions and Net Pay totals for the month.

Further information about your pay, the payroll team and forms are available under the Pay section of Working at Reading.

View your Payslip

You can choose to have your payslip sent to you by email each month. You can also access all your payslips (including those from previous months) manually.

To receive a copy of your payslip each month by email

This is set up in 'E-Form preferences', which is found under the icon at the top right of the screen. In this screen, you can specify an email address which you would like your payslips to be sent to each month. In order to protect your pay details, payslips that are sent by email are encrypted.  Enter a password of your choice in the 'Password for payslip' and 'Confirm password' boxes. When you receive your payslip by email, you will need to enter this password before you can open the payslip file.





















To access your payslips via ESS

  • Step 1: Log into ESS using your existing UoR log in details
  • Step 2: Click on the Pay & Benefits tab at the top of the page
  • Step 3: Under Payslips click on the card icon next to the pay date of the pay slip you wish to view
  • Step 4: You can print your payslip by selecting Print. You can also download as a PDF.

You can view your payslip history, but your latest payslip will not be displayed until the payroll processing for that month is complete, usually this is just after the end of the month.

View Your P60

You can view your P60 statement of earnings which is provided at the end of the tax year and any historical P60's. Access to your annual P60 works in the same way as your payslip, and so can be viewed via the 'Pay & Benefits' tab and you can also configure your P60 to be emailed to you each year (using the e-form preferences screen).

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