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Trade Unions

The University of Reading has a formal recognition agreement in place with one Trade Union, the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU). 

UCU is recognised as the body representing academic and related and professional and managerial staff on matters of pay and conditions of service. Salary negotiations are carried out nationally, while conditions of service are a matter for local negotiation between the University and the Reading UCU on a termly basis.  In addition to this UCU Officers assist or represent members in personal cases when a difficulty arises between the member and the University. Officers of the Branch are annual appointments. View the UCU website.  

Union Representatives: 

President: Paul Hatcher (Biological Sciences)

Treasurer: Simone Knox (Film, Theatre and Television)

Secretary: Sally Pellow (RISIS)

Equality Officer: Melani Schroeter (Modern Languages and European Studies)

Health and Safety Officer and Casework Coordinator:  Fred Davis (Chemistry)


Ordinary committee members:

Rita Balestrini (Modern Languages an European Studies)

Nick Bardsley (Agriculture)

Chris Foye (Real Estate and Planning)

Irene Mueller-Harvey (Agriculture, Policy and Development)



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