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The Henley Centre for Coaching & Behavioural Change would like to offer you the chance to be coached for free by coaches on the Professional Certificate in Coaching programme. This service is free and available to all.

What is coaching?

Coaching gives you the chance to explore an issue of particular importance, either work or personal, with an independent coach who will help you achieve new insight and take a different perspective. It could also be described as the art of facilitating the development, learning and performance of another.

  • What can I be coached on?
  • Who are the coaches?
  • Some personal reflections on coaching
  • Dates and timings of sessions
  • Free coaching sessions
  • Expectations for the coaching sessions

What can I be coached on?

Essentially you can be coached on any topic where you are currently having difficulties, and would appreciate the opportunity to take a few different perspectives. People tend to bring along a whole range of issues into the coaching sessions, from their work life, personal life, and often a combination of both.

Who are the coaches?

Participants on the Professional Certificate in Coaching programme ( are individuals who already have personal experience of coaching in a business context. Some of them currently work at senior levels in a range of public and private sector organisations. Others have previously held senior positions in the business world, and now work as consultants and coaches to individuals and organisations. All of them have chosen to attend the Henley programme in order to develop their coaching skills to higher levels, and also to obtain the Professional Certificate in Coaching. Once they have successfully completed the accreditation for the programme, they will be entitled to a place on the Henley Register of Coaching Alumni.

Some Personal Reflections on Coaching

Staff member, Henley Business School:

"Great to be able to have one on one time with someone who is there to give you their undivided attention and the benefit of their own expertise/experience. I welcomed impartial advice and being challenged on some of my views as well as some straight talking! I was given some tasks to work on and reading recommendations, which meant that we could build on the work of the first session when we met again. I had not expected to draw upon home and personal experiences but found that this made the whole process more worthwhile."

Patrick Favell:

"I found the opportunity to be coached was invaluable particularly as I was going through some rather traumatic times. The skill and commitment of all those who worked with me was a revelation and delight. The difference has been lasting and invaluable."

Staff member, Henley Business School:

"…that it certainly made certain situations a lot clearer as the coach made me step back and look at the situation from a different point of view."

Chris Dalton, Henley Business School:

"This was a great opportunity to get my thinking straight on a number of important issues which otherwise might have been left unattended in the day-to-day tasks that fill the day. I would recommend anyone to try out a coaching session."

Phil Ion, Full-Time MBA:

"Having expected to be helping someone with their "learning on the job" I was pleasantly surprised to find a highly professional coach who helped me overcome a significant problem I was having with my impact on other people. The results of the first session means I've learnt different techniques to use in different situations.

On a second visit my coach built on the first session and got deeper into the problem, helping me to see my career objectives from a different perspective, and thus helping me reposition my personal goals. The two combined coaching sessions would have cost significant money outside of the school. It's clear the course coaches are ready to become professional consultants in this area, which is reflected by the quality of the sessions. This makes it a gift to be given this opportunity here at Henley."

Nigel Francis, Henley Business School:

"I found the opportunity to talk to someone who showed an interest in my "problem" in a relaxed, informal manner very helpful."

Ed Smith, BT:

"The main benefits of coaching for me were that I had to be able to describe the improvements I was looking for to another person and start to work out how I was going to achieve these goals. Discussions with the coach enabled me to understand better what I needed to do and what the barriers to progress might be. I could then, following discussion come up with an action plan. At all stages the coach was helpful and encouraged me to consider a wider set of possibilities."

Dates and timings of sessions

All of the coaching sessions are conducted on weekdays here at the school in Henley-on-Thames, starting at 17:00 GMT) and finishing around 18:00/18:30pm. Should you wish to have a follow-up session with the same coach, it is advisable that you let us (or the coach) know as soon as possible. Whilst it is preferable for these sessions to be run face-to-face (especially for the initial session), we recognise the fact that this is not always possible. With that in mind, we can usually arrange for the session to be conducted over the telephone.

Due to the high level of demand you should get in touch as soon as possible as places are strictly limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Only when we have received your email and confirmed your session will it be possible to 'introduce' you to your coach (via email). Please contact Sharon Hickman as soon as possible on

Please contact Sharon Hickman on for a list of available dates.


We would like to emphasise that the Henley coaches uphold a strict code of conduct around maintaining confidentiality within the coaching relationship. Nothing that is revealed or discussed in a coaching session will be repeated to any third party in any attributable way. No details of the coaching clients or sessions will be distributed amongst the participants of the programme, and no details of the coaching clients or sessions will be kept on file.

The only exceptions to the confidentiality rule are in the case of the client revealing to the coach information which indicates that they are breaking the law or likely to physically inflict harm on themselves or others. If the coach becomes concerned that any of these issues are arising, they will inform the client immediately, and let them know that they are required to advise an appropriate authority - preferably with the client's permission.  If you have any concerns about any aspects relating to confidentiality, please contact Henley and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Expectations for the coaching sessions

Your coaching session will be conducted as a genuine session, in which you will be able to work on whatever issue, or issues, you choose to bring. Your coach will begin the session by establishing a framework with you in terms of time, confidentiality, assurances, and setting mutually agreed boundaries around the scope and range of the content of the session. You may wish to introduce more personal aspects to the issue you wish to address, or you may wish to keep the session purely focused on business issues. Your coach will help you find the approach which will be most productive for you, and with which you are both comfortable. If, at any time, the session moves into areas outside the coach's field of expertise - for example, if it becomes apparent that a counselling approach might be helpful around a particular issue, then the coach will advise you of this, and will not attempt to operate outside their own professional remit.

Dr Patricia Bossons
The Henley Centre for Coaching & Behavioural Change

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