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Health and Safety Services Team and contact details


Name and contact details


Special Area of responsibility

H&S liaison

for the following areas

Jenny Mcgrother

0118 378 8889

Health and Safety Services, Director

Overseas travel and fieldwork

Management arrangements

School of Agriculture, Policy & Development

UoR Malaysia

UPP Halls Liaison & Audit

HSS Admin

0118 378 8888


Administration of incident reporting system & accident statistics

Training bookings

Campus wide

Sean Callaghan

0118 378 8275



Management of asbestos

Campus wide

Jonathan Crabb

0118 378 7738

Health and Safety Adviser

Food Safety (including RUSU);

Stress, health and wellbeing

Computer workstation ergonomics (DSE)

Occupational hygiene (Noise and hand-arm vibration hazards)


Coordination of the H&S training programme

Institute of Education

University Farms

Academic and Governance Services

E&F Catering Hotel and Conference Services


Evi Konstantinidou

0118 378 7737

Assistant Health and Safety Adviser



Audit co-ordination

Overview of incident reporting and investigation

Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Science (excluding Institute of Education)

Henley Business School

Vice-Chancellor's Office

Chief Operating Officer's Group (excluding E&F and Technical Services)

Peter Lawther

0118 378 8282


Fire Safety Adviser 

Fire Safety

Campus wide

 Stuart Low

0118 378 8282

Deputy Fire Safety Adviser   Fire Safety  Campus wide

Abhishek Upadhyay

0118 378 8887

Biological and Scientific Safety Adviser

Biological Safety & Genetic Modification

Radiation (open, sealed, X-rays)

Occupational hygiene (Hazardous substances)

Laboratory Safety

Selection of Personal Protective Equipment

Local exhaust ventilation

Safety Culture

School of

Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Sciences

Biological Sciences,

Chemistry, Food & Pharmacy,

Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences,

Psychology and Clinical language Sciences

Technical Services

Larry Woodley

0118 378 7290

Health and Safety Adviser

Estates & Projects Statutory Compliance

Construction safety

Building infrastructure

Pressure systems (excluding lab gases)

Lifting equipment

Management of contractors

Laser safety

Machinery safety

School of Systems Engineering

School of Built Environment

Estates & Facilities (excluding Catering, Hotel and Conference Services)

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