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Finance Service Levels


The role of Finance is to provide financial support and advice to the University and run a variety of financial services on behalf of the institution.

Listed below are the services offered by Finance and the level of support given to each. It is intended as a reference document for those involved in financial activity within the University.

If you want details of how to use one or more of the services provided by Finance it may be easier to refer to our Guides and Policies.


Services and Service Levels

The broad definition of services to be provided is determined by the Director of Finance and Corporate Services.

The aim is that a service for an academic year will remain in place for the entire year. When this does not prove to be possible Finance will ensure that current users of a service are notified of any changes before they are made.

If a user is not satisfied with the quality of a service that is provided they should, in the first instance, contact Carol Wright, Director of Finance and Corporate Services.


The three categories of services that are provided are as follows:


Things to do now

To discuss service levels, please contact 

Carol Wright,
Director of Finance & Corporate Services

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