Food Law News - UK - 1999

25 January 1999: ADDITIVES - Draft Sweeteners In Food (Amendment) Regulations 1999

JFSSG Letter 25 January 1999

Draft Sweeteners In Food (Amendment) Regulations 1999

A Commission Directive amending Commission Directive 95/31/EC laying down specific criteria of purity concerning sweeteners for use in foodstuffs was adopted on the 4 September ((see EU pages,
19 September 1998). It concerned an amendment to the current purity criteria for isomalt (E953) set out in the Directive.

This Directive is implemented in Great Britain by the Sweeteners in Food Regulations 1995 (as amended) and in Northern Ireland by the Sweeteners in Food Northern Ireland) Regulations 1996 (as amended). The amending Directive has been published in the Official Journal (OJ L257, 19.9.98, page 35) and must be brought into force before 1 July 1999. The letter attaches for comment draft regulations that will implement the provisions of this Directive, in England, Scotland and Wales.

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