Food Law News - UK - 1999

11 May 1999: HORMONES - VPC's New Working Group on the Safety of rBST

MAFF Press Release (166/99 ), 11 May 1999

VPC's New Working Group on the Safety of rBST

A new Working Group on the Safety of rBST (recombinant Bovine Somatotropin) has been set up to consider the latest scientific information on human and animal safety aspects of the use of rBST.

The Group's work will form the basis of advice from the Veterinary Products Committee (VPC) to Agriculture and Health Ministers, and it is expected to report to the VPC in the summer.

The Group is considering published information from all sources and may invite evidence from individuals.

The terms of reference of the Working Group are as follows:-

The VPC provides expert advice to Ministers on the quality, efficacy and safety of veterinary medicinal products and the Government will continue to be guided by the advice of the VPC in forthcoming discussions on the future of the Community moratorium.

The VPC was established in 1970 under Section 4 of the Medicines Act 1968 and gives independent advice to the Licensing Authority (i.e., the Agriculture and Health Ministers) on the safety, quality and efficacy of veterinary medicinal products.

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