Food Law News - UK - 1998

3 November 1998: LABELLING - Voluntary Agreement on Labelling of Meat Products

MAFF Press Release (430/98), 3 November 1998

Voluntary Agreement on Labelling of Meat Products

Britain's major supermarkets today gave a commitment to Agriculture Minister Nick Brown that they would not sell imported meat processed in the UK under a British label. The commitment will particularly help British pig producers. It will go a long way to stop imported food - particularly bacon - being sold as a British product. Another of Mr Brown's concerns is that that the UK industry should get recognition for the high welfare standards its producers apply. He believes that retailers have a key role to play.

The British Retail Consortium delegation assured the Minister that from 1 January 1999 all pigmeat sold in their outlets will be from animals raised to high welfare standards with no stalls and tethers. and will not have been fed meat and bonemeal. These are the standards which apply to UK producers.

Mr Brown said: " Today's meeting was very constructive. It is my aim to bring all parts of the food chain together, to get everyone talking for everyone's' benefit. They need each other and I am happy to act as honest broker. The quality , standards and variety of British food has never been higher. Much of what has been done has been driven by the industry . The Government is keen to work with producers, processors and retailers to make sure that the consumer is well served. "

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