Food Law News - UK - 1998

29 April 1998: ADMINISTRATION - House of Commons Agriculture Committee Report on Food Safety

MAFF News Release (167/98), 29 April 1998

House of Commons Agriculture Committee Report on Food Safety

The Agriculture Committee of the House of Commons has published its report on Food Safety. The
full report is available on the Internet. There is a page giving the main summary and recommendations of the Committee and a copy is avialale on these pages

Responding to today's Agriculture Select Committee report on food safety, Agriculture Minister Jack Cunningham said:
"The report strongly endorses the government's decision to establish an independent Food Standards Agency. The government is already acting to drive up hygiene and safety standards in food industries. I shall always put the health and well-being of consumers at the top of my priorities. The government will consult on the best way to finance the Food Standard Agency before the legislation is placed before Parliament. We shall consider very carefully all the Select Committee recommendations in what is a welcome, constructive report. I understand concerns about the use of anti-biotic growth promoters. Later this year the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food will report on that and microbial resistance to antibiotics. The government will act on the best available scientific advice whenever necessary, as we always have done"

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