Food Law News - EU - 1997

3 February 1997: ADDITIVES - Further discussions on amending the Miscellaneous Additives Directive

MAFF Letter, 3 February 1997

Discussions on amending the Miscellaneous Additives Directive

As noted earlier (16 January 1997), discussions are continuing on proposed amendments to this Directive (95/2/EC). A meeting was held on the 30 January.

All outstanding elements of the Commission's proposal and of the additional entries put forward by Member States and the Commission were considered, although no conclusions were reached on some of these. Discussion now continue at attaches level. In the absence of the European Parliament's first reading opinion, further progress beyond that stage is impossible and it now seems likely that agreement by the Council on a common position will not take place until the 20 May Internal Market Council.

The MAFF letter provides further detail on issues having a UK interest.

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