Food Law News - EU - 1997

16 January 1997: ADMINISTRATION - Commission Statement on BSE and Food Safety Reforms

The Week In Europe, 16 January 1997

Commission Statement on BSE and Food Safety Reforms

An independent agency is needed to monitor the implementation of EU food safety and health measures, Commission President Jacques Santer stressed yesterday. The Commission had proposed the creation of such an agency in May 1996, he told the European Parliament's committee of inquiry on BSE, and if the proposal continued to make little progress in the Council, the Commission would bring the existing office responsible for inspections from Directorate General VI (agriculture) to DG XXIV (consumer policy). The scientific committees should also be strengthened, perhaps also oving to DG XXIV, Santer said, to separate more clearly their role of providing the best scientific advice from the development of legislation by the Commission.

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