Food Law News - EU - 1997

27 February 1997: PESTICIDES - Revisions to Directives on the Control of Maximum Pesticide Residues

PSD Letter, 27 February 1997

Proposal for Revisions to Directives on the Control of Maximum Pesticide Residues

In 1995 the Commission published a proposal for amendments to the 4 main Directives relating to pesticide residues - 76/895 (fruit and vegetables), 86/362 (cereals), 86/363 (foodstuffs of animal origin) and 90/642 (certain products of plant origin).

The original proposal was the subject of detailed negotiation and was finally set aside by Member States in favour of a modified version of the text prepared as a compromise by the Spanish Presidency, which was acceptable to the UK. Though agreed by the Council the Spanish compromise text was not formally adopted due to the need to await the results of Commission consultation with the European Parliament on the original proposal. The Commission has now published its own proposed amendments to the original proposal based on the results of the consultation with the European Parliament.

The letter indicates that the original proposal included the following changes:

The new amendments include:

The new proposal is expected to be discussed in Brussels within the next few weeks, and will probably be moved to a vote in the Council of Ministers within the next three months. The PSD have requested comments by 7 April.

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