Food Law News - EU - 1997

20 February 1997: HYGIENE - Simplification of Veterinary Hygiene Legislation

MAFF Letter, 20 February 1997

Simplification of Animal and Public Health (Hygiene) Directive for Products of Animal Origin

The Commission has published a revised consultation document on this subject. The first consultation was held in the Spring/Summer of 1996 and the second document has taken into account many of the points raised during the first consultation. For previous item, see
16 July 1996.

The Document is long and runs to 92 pages. Copies can be obtained from the Food Hygiene Division of MAFF.

In the introduction to the document, the Commission draws attention to the following points with regard to the new version:

Comments should be submitted to the Commission by the end of May. A formal proposal for new legislation may then be put forward late in the year.

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