Food Law News - EU - 1996

1 August 1996: EGG SIZE GRADES - Publication of Amending Regulation

MAFF Letter, 1 August 1996

Eggs Sizes - Publication of Amending Regulation (1511/96)

As previously described (see
17 July 1996), the Commission has adopted a Regulation which amends Regulation 1274/91 which itself introduced detailed rules for implementing Regulation 1907/90 on certain marketing standards for eggs.

The new Regulation is No 1511/96, published in the Official Journal No L189, 30.7.96, p91.

The letter points out that as well as introducing new eggs sizes, the Regulation allows for supplementary indications on the type of farming. The Commission indicates that this is aiming "to authorize supplementary indications to the terms laid down for the various types of farming, which refer to the particular characteristics of the respective type of farming but not to authorize other terms or general statements." MAFF may circulate additional advice on this aspect.

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