Food Law News - EU - 2001

FSA Letter, January 2001

ADDITIVES - 3rd Amendment to Directive 95/2/EC on Food Additives other than Colours and Sweeteners

Further to an FSA letter of 2 May 2000, a Directive amending Council Directive 95/2/EC for the third time was adopted at the Council of Ministers (ECOFIN) on Friday 19 January 2001. The formal text will shortly be published in the Official Journal of the European Communities and will be based on Doc. PE-CONS 3666/00 DENLEG 68 CODEC 1065

You will wish to note the following in the adopted text:

Member States have eighteen months after the Directive has come into force to implement its provisions into national legislation, but we intend to implement it into UK law as quickly as possible to enable industry and consumers to benefit from the changes. To this end, Food Standards Agency lawyers are drawing up regulations amending the Miscellaneous Food Additives Regulations 1995 (as amended) which we will circulate for comment within the next few weeks.

See also: 19 January 2001

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