Food Law News - EU - 2001

Council Memo (MEMO/01/24), 30 January 2001

BSE - Outcome of the Agriculture Council, 29 January 2001 - Follow-up of Scientific Opinion of 12 January

The following is an extract from the report of the meeting: The Council supported the Commission's intention to bring forward proposals to ban all mechanically recovered meat from all ruminant bones of all ages and to introduce compulsory heat treatment of rendered ruminant fat for animal feed. The Council also gave support to the Commission´s intention to bring forward a proposal to remove from the food and feed chain the vertebral column of cattle. The Commission will bring to the Standing Veterinary Committee the precise proposal to give effect to this, including procedures and age limit. This proposal will take into account the risk situation in Member States. Mr Byrne said: "There is now a clear consensus in the Agriculture Council that Community measures in relation to BSE offer the most effective guarantees on the safety of beef to consumers".

The Council reaffirmed its support to maintain the 30 months age limit for rapid BSE testing. The Commission will review this if necessary on the basis of the results of the testing programmes and new scientific advice. The Council also recalled the necessity to keep the present provisional ban on MBM under review.

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