Food Law News - EU - 2000

FSA Letter, 29 September 2000

RESIDUES - Commission Proposals to Prohibit Certain Pesticides in Agricultural Products Used to Manufacture Infant Formula, Follow-on Formula and Baby Foods

A Commission Working Group met on 13 September to consider proposals for directives which would have the effect of requiring infant formula and baby foods to be produced without the use of certain pesticides. The FSA letter provides a brief outline of the main points which emerged in discussions and invites any further comments.

There was broad support for the proposals although practical problems for monitoring and enforcement were evident.

The Commission agreed to consider:

The Commission would not accept proposals that a limit of 0.01 mg/kg would generally be sufficient for pesticides which have an ADI of 0.0005 mg/kg bw/day, for example, carbophenothion.

A number of minor amendments to the texts were agreed. These are as follows:

Whereas Clauses

Article 1

No further working groups are anticipated before the proposals are discussed at the Standing Committee for Foodstuffs, as a preliminary step before the proposals are voted upon.

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