Food Law News - EU - 2000

17 March 2000: BEEF - Germans Vote to Lift Ban on British Beef

MAFF Press Release (88/00) 17 March 2000

Germans Vote to Lift Ban on British Beef

Today the German Bundesrat voted to lift the ban on British beef exports.

Agriculture Minister Nick Brown said:
"We are pleased that the ban has been lifted. We are grateful to the Federal Government which has consistently taken the view that the ban should be lifted. This upholds the rule of EU law and brings Germany into line with the other 12 member states. This decision leaves France isolated and facing court action. I hope the French will now see sense and obey the law. This is a victory for sound science. The EU Scientific Steering Committee agreed unanimously that British beef exported under the Date Based Export Scheme is as safe as any in Europe. We now look forward to winning back customers in Germany with high quality British produce."

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