Luwian Identities

Culture, Language and Religion Between Anatolia and the Aegean

Conference organised by Dr. Alice Mouton and Professor Ian Rutherford

  • 10-11 June 2011
  • University of Reading
  • URS Building, Small Lecture Theatre (Friday) and Graduate School/Old Whiteknights House, Ground floor room G09 (Saturday)

The "Luwians" were a people of Western and Southern Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age (1500-1200), known principally from contemporary Hittite texts. Major Luwian states and territories were Arzawa-Mira in the West, Lukka in the South and Kizzuwatna in the South-West. Knowledge of Luwians has been greatly enhanced by new discoveries and breakthroughs in the last few decades, and two major surveys have appeared in the last decade: Craig Melchert's edited volume The Luwians (2004) and Ilya Yakubowitch's Sociolinguistics of the Luwian Language (2010).luwian

It is becoming clear the Luwians occupy a pivotal role in the geography and history of Anatolia and the Eastern Mediterranean in the Bronze Age. In the first half of the 2nd millennium BC Luwian culture was probably heavily influenced by the ancient Hattic culture of central Anatolia. In the East, particularly in Kizzuwatna, Luwian culture is mixed with Babylonian and Hurrian elements, while in the West, in ways we still do not fully understand, they were in contact with Mycenaean Greece (Ahhiyawa) and earlier with Minoan Crete.

The conference "Luwian Identities" aims to provide a forum for the discussion of i. Luwian culture and religion, ii. the linguistic and archaeological evidence for these, iii. interactions between the Luwians and the cultures of other areas, particularly the Aegean, but also the Near East and indigenous Anatolian cultures; and iv. the impact of these ideas on the Anatolian cultures of the 1st millennium BC.

Preliminary Program

(To be confirmed)


Venue: URS (= Urban and Regional Studies) Building, Small Lecture Theatre

10h45-11h: Welcoming

I. Luwian Identities: Toward a Definition  - Chairman: Manfred Hutter

11h-11h30: John David Hawkins (London), Luwian Hieroglyphs, "Luwians versus Hittites" (keynote lecture)
11h30-11h40: Discussion

11h40-12h: Stephen Durnford, "Peoples and maps - nomenclature and definitions. Hieroglyphic Luwian"
12h-12h10: Discussion

12h10-12h30: Deniz Sari (Istanbul), "The cultural development of Western Anatolia in the third and second millennia BC and its relationship with migration theories"
12h30-12h40: Discussion

12h40-14h: Lunch Break

II. Luwian Linguistic - Chairman: Anna Morpurgo-Davies

14h-14h20: Mark Weeden (London), "Names on Seals, Names in Texts. Who Were These People?"
14h20-14h30: Discussion

14h30-14h50: Rostislav Oreschko (Berlin), "Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscriptions of Western Anatolia: the Long Arm of Empire or Vernacular Tradition?"
14h50-15h: Discussion

15h-15h20: Ilya Yakubovitch (Moscow/Oxford), "The Luwian Names in wiya-"
15h20-15h30: Discussion

15h30-15h50: Coffee break

III. Luwians and the Aegean  - Chairman: Sylvia Hutter

15h50-16h10: Alan Greaves (Liverpool), "The Oracle at Ephesus"
16h10-16h20: Discussion

16h20-16h40: Alexander Herda (Tübingen), "Greek views on the Carians"
16h40-16h50: Discussion

16h50-17h10: Alex Millington (London), "Iyarri at the Interface: the Origins of Ares"
17h10-17h20: Discussion

17h20-17h40: Annette Teffeteller (Montreal), "Singers of Lazpa: Lesbian Lyric in its Anatolian context"
17h40-17h50: Discussion


Venue: Graduate School/Old Whiteknights House, Ground floor, G09.

III. Luwian Religion - Chairman : Annette Teffeteller

9h30-9h50: Manfred Hutter (Bonn), "Huwassanna of Hupisna: What is "Luwian" and what is "Hittite" with her Cult?"
9h50-10h: Discussion

10h-10h20: Daliah Bawanypeck (Frankfurt), "Luwian Culture and Religion"
10h20-10h30: Discussion

10h30-10h50: Susanne Görke (Mainz), "The Impact of Luwian Rituals on Hittite State Cult"
10h50-11h: Discussion

11h-11h20: Mary Bachvarova (Wilamette), "Contamination or Bricolage? How to Understand "Non-Luwian" Elements in "Luwian" Rituals: Towards a Model of Cultural
11h20-11h30: Discussion

11h30-11h50: Ian Rutherford and Alice Mouton (Reading and Strasbourg), "Luwian Religion: a Research Project"
11h50-12h: Discussion

12h-13h: Lunch break

IV. Luwian Archaeology - Chairman: John David Hawkins

13h-13h20: Sanna Aro (Helsinki), "Carchemish after 1200 BC"
13h20-13h30: Discussion

13h30-13h50: Christoph Bachhuber (Oxford), "An archaeology of the Luwians? and other related questions"
13h50-14h: Discussion

14h-14h20: Nicholas Postgate (Cambridge), "The elusive Luwians: can archaeology help? The evidence from Kilise Tepe"
14h20-14h30: Discussion

14h30-14h50: Meltem and Metin Alparslan (Istanbul), "A New Luwian Rock Inscription from Kahramanmara?"
14h50-15h: Discussion 

For further details, please contact the organisers of this conference: Professor Ian Rutherford (Reading) and Dr Alice Mouton (CNRS Strasbourg):

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