Research Seminars in Greek Political Thought

Organised jointly by the Department of Classics and the Centre for Political Theory

Seminar in 2014-15

Mirko Canevaro, (University of Edinburgh)

'Demosthenic influences in early rhetorical education and the Hellenistic polis: Hellenistic rhetores and Athenian imagination'

Seminar in 2013-4

Vasileios Syros (Jyväskylä):
'Greek Economic Thinking and the Emergence of Political Economy in the Islamic World'
Lynette Mitchell (Exeter)
'Oriental despotism: Herodotus and Montesquieu'
Helen Roche (Cambridge)
'Sparta and the Nazis'

Seminar in 2012

14 March 2012

Tony Burns (Nottingham)

'Aristotle and Natural Law'

4 pm, HUMSS 27

Seminars in 2010-11

10 October 2010
Alan Cromartie (Reading)
"Aristotle, men, and laws" [abstractabstract ]

5pm, Ure Museum, Department of Classics, HumSS

1 December 2010
Michael Simpson (Goldsmiths)
"Labour and the Classics: Plato and Crossman in Dialogue" [abstractabstract ]

4pm, Ure Museum, Department of Classics, HumSS

26 January 2011
Neville Morley and Christine Lee (Bristol)
"Thucydides as a Text for Hard Times" [Neville Morley's abstractabstract ]

[Christine Lee's abstractabstract and paper]

4pm, Ure Museum, Department of Classics, HumS


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