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  • Associate Professor in Materials Chemistry
  • Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • School Director of Postgraduate Studies

Building/Room: Chemistry 106

Our research group is interested in the design, synthesis and characterisation of new solid-state materials for energy applications. This includes materials for thermoelectric power generation, as well as porous materials for gas storage, gas separation and sensing applications. Much of our research focuses on the synthesis and structural characterization of non-oxide materials, and in particular chalcogenides (sulfides, selenides and tellurides) and intermetallics (pnictides). We also have expertise in the investigation of the electronic properties of these materials, which is complemented by a network of collaborators in physics and engineering departments who investigate additional properties or the incorporation of our materials into real applications. Our current collaborative research projects, InnovTEG and "Identifying cost effective routes to optimised energy recovery for the fuel economy of vehicles" seek to develop thermoelectric devices for the conversion of waste heat into useful electrical power.

Our research has received financial support from a variety of sources, including EPSRC, FP7, The Royal Society of Edinburgh, The Royal Society, The Nuffield Foundation and the Royal Society of Chemistry. Our group is also involved in commercially-funded research, and we have worked on joint projects with DSTL and European Thermodynamics Ltd.


Dr Paz Vaqueiro

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+44 (0)118 378 6363

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