Biodiversity Field Course

Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz, Spain, 9 days

The module introduces students to the extraordinary diversity of organisms; how they interact with each other and the environment and how humans impact on their habitat and environment. The field course itself will take place in Spain, in the coastal area of Andalucia. Students will find and sample local organisms on the hills and beach surrounding the town before identifying and analysing the material in the laboratory. Students will also visit other environments, such as protected parks, take part in a research project and learn about local customs and ancient traditions in relation to the conservation of flora and fauna and the use of natural resources. Students will gain many transferrable skills, such as the basics of experimental design and the use of catalogues and identification keys.

Code: B12EWEV- Biodiversity Field Course

Convenor: Dr M. Alejandra Perotti

Term: Easter vacation


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