Funded studentships are usually advertised in and on these web pages between December and May.

If you are applying for a studentship you have seen advertised on or on the web, send enquiries to You may want to explore the project first by contacting the academic mentioned directly by email.

If you have funding or if you need an offer in order to secure funding, and wish to work in one of our active areas of research, contact the academic with whom you wish to work, and prepare a research proposal in conjunction with them. We will also need to work out what research expenses are needed. Then submit your application. Be sure to mention your potential supervisor on the application form.

Research Expenses

The University's fees cover the costs of maintaining the buildings, running the library and IT services, employing staff and providing a minimal level of workspace. In science subjects, we therefore need to make a further charge to cover the costs of consumable items (chemicals including expensive but critical biological reagents like fluorescent DNA probes, shares in apparatus such as electron microscopes or qPCR machines; facilities like greenhouses, constant environment rooms, analytical machinery such as GC-MS; and travel and specialist training). The minimum charge is £1200, but you should be aware that this means the project cannot use many of our more expensive facilities. The usual charge for projects with a large molecular component is £5000-£10000 per year.

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