Kids at Science Fair 2016

Big Bang Fair Southeast June 2016: Forensic investigation

An important academic activity is to ensure the high quality research and impact is disseminated to stakeholders such as schools, media and the general public. Staff and students at SBS engage in a wide range of outreach activities to facilitate dissemination. The primary method of releasing scientific information to society is through the publication of high quality research articles and through oral and poster presentations at conferences. Both teaching and academic staff as well as students highlight their work and show their passion for biology through their teaching, at University Open Days, public lectures, science fairs, presentations at local cafés, organization of hands-on workshops and mentoring in local schools. We also engage with the media conveying our scientific and teaching mission and ideas in television, radio and newspapers.

Further information

If you are a SBS member who wants to do some outreach, please contact
Dr Nandini Vasudevan at
n.vasudevan@reading.ac.uk or see upcoming events below.

If you are school staff interested in student participation in our outreach, please first contact the Student Outreach Office at outreach@reading.ac.uk or see Subject Tasters and UOR Outreach for more information.

Interested in the Cole Museum? Please email colemuseum@reading.ac.uk

Want to help out? Here are some upcoming events...

Upcoming Events

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Outreach Documents that staff can use

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These documents may not be supplied on university templates and are meant to be solely guidance for anyone who wishes to give a talk or a demo to school students. We thank everyone who has worked to make these available to all.

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