Vision, Mission and Values Statements

Vision Statement

By 2020 the School will be:

  • Recognised internationally as one of the leading university organisations for the broad-based biological sciences in the UK as measured by our research excellence, our research income and the publication of our research findings in elite journals;
  • The institution of choice for highly qualified British, EU and international undergraduate and postgraduate students, measured by our success in recruitment, our place in national league tables and the employability of our graduates.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to extend biological knowledge through excellence in our teaching and our research.

We will achieve this by:

  • Carrying out externally-funded research in the fields of cardio-vascular and metabolic disease, crop security, developmental biology and endocrinology, ecology, evolution, and microbiology, and publish the results of that research in high-impact journals. Our research must be relevant, stimulating and meet the needs of society.
  • Providing undergraduate and postgraduate students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills required by today's biologists, helping them realise their personal and career ambitions. Our teaching is rigorous, inspiring and student-centred.
  • Forging strong relationships in the UK and internationally with partners in universities, industry and the wider community, where we will exploit our research strengths through knowledge exchange for the benefit of the School, the University and Society.


Values Statement

  • Inclusive. We encourage an open, supportive, engaged and inclusive community of students and staff. We recognise and value all colleagues irrespective of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age or any disability.
  • Knowledge. We value the diversity of the biological sciences and respect the contribution we each make as members of the School to encourage the understanding and application of biology for the benefit of all.
  • Professional. We expect all colleagues to act with integrity, to be professional in their interactions, to strive for continuous improvement, and to work towards building the School's reputation as an internationally recognised centre of excellence in teaching and research.





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