Archaeology research seminars

Seminars are held during term-time on Thursdays at 4.15pm, in the Sorby Room, Wager Building, unless otherwise stated.

Archaeology Research Seminar Series:

Thurs 18 January: Dr Neil Carlin (University College Dublin)

A new Beaker invasion hypothesis? Understanding genetic & cultural change in Ireland and Britain during the 3rd millennium BC.

Thurs 25 January: Dr Tom Booth (Natural History Museum, London)

“Immaculate Conceptions? Bone diagenesis in the archaeological remains of infants”

Thurs 8 February: Dr Julian Whiteright (University of Southampton)

“Damien Hurst’s Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”

Thurs 22 February: Dr Naoíse MacSweeney (University of Leicester)

“Greek colonisation re-visited”

Thurs 1 March: Dr Kate Mees (Durham University)

“Funerary landscapes and social change in the Early Middle Ages”

Thurs 8 March: Prof Martin Carver (University of York)

“Surviving new governments - the Sicilian experience”

Thurs 15 March: Dr Karen Wicks (University of Reading)

"Resilience or wipe out? Evaluating the convergent impacts of the 8.2 ka event and Storegga tsunami on the Mesolithic of northern Britain"

Thurs 22 March: Dr Marianne Hem Eriksen (University of Cambridge / Oslo)

“Dwelling with the dead in Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia: Human-house relationality”

For further information, contact Dr Aleks Pluskowski

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