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What UROP students say...

"I have learnt so much! I have learnt how much I enjoy research (and would now like to do a masters hopefully) whilst also learning the skills of pushing myself to meet deadlines." Bethan Casey, 2018

"I would HIGHLY recommend undertaking a UROP project. I have enjoyed my time so much and have been able to research in great detail something that really interests me, learning new skills and knowledge. The UROP environment is so friendly and you are supported so well throughout the project. I have loved being involved in this project and am gutted that it is going to finish." Rachel Newton, 2018

"I have gained considerable research skills; I can now filter out articles and journals to find literature that is relevant and peer-reviewed. I have also increased my confidence in using Microsoft excel and endnote, both software programmes which I believe will benefit me greatly when writing my dissertation for my final year." Pawan Lama, 2018

"UROP has not only been brilliant academically, but also in an extracurricular sense with the workshops and the quiz - thank you for making it a well-rounded experience and not just something to stick on a CV." Amy Pigott, 2018

"I think the UROP scheme is awesome. I really enjoyed the experience and I am more confident because of the experience I have gained. Confidence that will be helpful in finishing my degree and in gaining employment or in postgraduate study. I now feel like I can stand out from other graduates when seeking employment." Amy Thomas, 2018

"I genuinely recommend UROP to all students as it can prepare yourself for your dissertation, greatly enhance your experiences and skills, look good on your CV, and most importantly can widen your horizon." Yin Tung Lam, 2015

"For me, the best thing about the placement was being regarded as an equal in the field of research. My opinions and ideas were very much valued." Jessica Cardona Gomez, 2015

"The best thing about UROP was being able to co-publish an article on my research with my supervisor. It will provide me with incredibly valuable experience and proof of ability for my future academic and professional career." Charlotte Pinkney, 2015

"UROP appealed to me because you are offered invaluable research experience supporting a professional academic and I would recommend it for anyone who is able to get involved. The experience was great - meeting new people, learning so much and adding something amazing to your CV. You never know where it will take you." Laura Armstrong, 2014 (Pictured below)