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Room move request

If you would like to apply for a room move, please complete the form below. Your request will be kept on file until there is availability.

We consider all room move requests on a case by case basis and the likelihood of you being able to move rooms depends on availability.

We ask you to be as flexible as possible with the halls and room types you are requesting to move to, because this will increase your chances of being able to move.

If you have found someone you want to swap rooms with, please add their name, student number and the proposed swap date into the relevant fields in the form. Both students involved in the swap will need to complete this form. Due to General Data Protection Regulation we will not share details of other students with you.

Before completing this form please consider the following:

  • If your request is maintenance related, please report the issue to the Halls Hotline on 0800 029 1984.
  • If your request is welfare related, please contact your Hall Warden or Hall Mentor to discuss further in the first instance.
  • If your request is finance related you may wish to speak with the Student Financial Support team to see if they can offer you any additional advice or support. More information can be found on the Money Matters website. If you are seeking more cost efficient accommodation, we will need a student to take over your contract ahead of you moving.

Please be aware we can only proceed with a room move request if you are up to date with payments and have no accommodation related debt on your account.

* Indicates required information

Are you wishing to swap rooms with another student?