Collections-based research

Since the 1970s, Typography at Reading has built up unrivalled collections and archives relating to lettering, printing and graphic design. These are now regarded as being of international importance. Read our blog to find out how we use collections in teaching and research.

 Phd Research

University collections have supported our PhD research for many years. Students benefit from working alongside staff experiences in collections-based research, collections management, and exhibition curation and design.

Current and recent PhD students working with collections and archives:

Titus Nemeth Arabic type-making in the machine age: the influence of technology in the form of Arabic type 1908-1993. Titus published on his blog an engaging reflection on his experience doing a PhD at Reading

Alice Savoie International cross-currents in typeface design: France, Britain and the USA in the photosetting era, 1949-1975. An AHRC- funded collaborative doctoral award with the Musée de l'imprimerie, Lyon.

Sallie Morris The typeface design of Eric Gill. An AHRC-funded collaborative doctoral award with St Bride Library.

Vaibhav Singh Devanagari type design 1930-2000: motivations, imperatives, technology, and the design process

Emanuela Conidi Early Arabic types in Europe and the Middle East between XVI and XIX centuries

Dilek Polat The Latin alphabet reform in Turkey: An examination on the publlication designs of the transition years from typographic perspective

Ann Pillar Edward Wright (1912-1988) artist, designer, teacher, with Descriptive catalogue of works (1937-1988), 2011 

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