The Non-Latin Typeface Collection


The Non-Latin Typeface Collection comprises of material relevant to typeface design for world scripts. The collection includes a unique set of drawings for typefaces in Arabic, Indian, Thai and other scripts, documentation that supported the original development of these typefaces, and a wide range of examples of printing, including newspapers and ephemera.

The Non-Latin Type collection supports research and teaching in the design of typographic resources for world scripts. The part of the collection comprising type drawings is unique: there is only one comparable collection worldwide (in Andover, Massachussetts) but its focus is largely on the Latin scripts, the Deparment's collections are unique on a worldwide scale.

The Non-Latin Type Collection is also used extensively for teaching within the MA programmes we offer: very intensively in the MA Typeface design, but also within MA Book Design and MA Information Design, where conventions of document design across the world are discussed.

Fiona Ross is Curator of the Non-Latin Type Collection. Email:

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