Staff Profile:Dr Matthew Lickiss

Dr Matthew Lickiss
Job Title:
Lecturer in Typography and Communication Design

I lecture in design practice, theory, and research across a range of modules, with key topics including data visualisation, user experience for information and service design, and typography.

Areas of Interest:

My research focuses on information design, data visualisation, and genres in multimodal document analysis.

My recent research into information design and data visualisation has been in pragmatic, multidisciplinary contexts, on NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) funded projects working with psychologists, meteorologists and international development experts. The target audiences for this research range from experts in the European airspace industry, to rural Ghanaian farmers, with an emphasis on user centred design and an awareness of the use context for information. These projects engage with multi-stakeholder systems/services and communication chains, where the needs of all parties require careful appreciation. I am interested in working with experts from a range of fields to use information design as a means to support decision making and contextualise information.

My interest in multimodal document analysis stems from my PhD research (2016) in the area. This work explores cross-platform document production and distribution, examining how multimodal meaning interacts with concepts of genre across platforms and types of documents.

Research groups / Centres:

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