Saadia Ansari

Project Title:

Identifying energy savings opportunities for a multi-use venue buildingfinally

First Supervisor:

Professor Li Shao

Second Supervisor:

Graeme Larsen

Project Description:

My research project focuses on the complexities of identifying energy waste and subsequent energy savings opportunities for multi-use venue buildings that have a highly flexible, dynamic and transient use. The research methodology was developed through long-term post-occupancy evaluation (POE) of a case study building, which included occupant interviews, energy auditing, environmental monitoring, and creation of a bottom-up energy end-use breakdown with reconciliation against metered energy data.

With direct application to wider venue buildings, this research aims to produce recommendations that are relevant to both facilities managers carrying out proactive energy management of their buildings, and designers considering the flexibility of building use in their assumptions on energy consumption.

Project Poster:

Ansari Poster

Student Profile:

 Having graduated with a degree in Environmental Science in 2007, I was eager to use this strong scientific foundation in fostering a career examining anthropogenic impacts on the natural environment. I subsequently worked in a number of sustainability focussed roles, including investigating the life cycle environmental impacts of energy generation. This led me to develop an interest in energy demand and the built environment, and consequently I decided to undertake an EngD in this subject area.

Associated/Relevant Research Groups/Centres:

CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group

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Expected Completion Date:


Why did you choose Reading?:

I chose to pursue an EngD as it is a great opportunity to achieve an academic qualification whilst maintaining strong links with industry. The TSBE centre has a very multi-disciplinary approach to research, something reflected in the breadth of disciplines covered by their industrial sponsor companies, and I thought this would lend well to shifting the direction of my career from a strong scientific background into a more engineering focused one.


BSc Environmental Science


 Ansari, S., Shao, L., Larsen, G. (2017). Identifying energy savings opportunities for a multi-use venue building. 16th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies. 17-20th July, Bologna, Italy.

Ansari, S., Shao, L., Larsen, G. (2017) Lightening the load: analysing energy performance in multi-use venue buildings. 7th Annual TSBE Conference, Reading University 2017

Ansari, S., Shao, L., Larsen, G. (2015) Developing an energy management strategy for a multi-use venue building. 5th Annual TSBE EngD Conference, Reading University 2015

Ansari, S., Shao, L., Larsen, G. (2014) Energy monitoring and management for a developing UK motorsport venue. 5th Annual TSBE EngD Conference, Reading University 2014


I am currently Vice-chair of the CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group, having previously held the role of Chair and Events co-ordinator, and provide leadership to a team of more than 20 young professionals. In this role I have guided the committee in producing industry publications, and delivering engaging and informative events to our members.


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