Saadia Ansari

Project Title:

Low carbon buildings and smart energy management for a low carbon motorsport circuit.

Partner Organisation:

Silverstone Circuits Limited

First Supervisor:

Graeme Larsen

Second Supervisor:

Professor Li Shao

Project Description:

The proposed project will investigate low and zero carbon (LZC) technologies and their performances at two interlinked stages of buildings/facilities at Silverstone:
1. Design and construction stage - assessment of LZC technology options for either retrofit or new build projects
2. Operation stage - smart energy management based on energy monitoring and optimisation, with engagement of users using information and communication technology (ICT) as a key element

Outputs will include recommendations of low carbon technologies for retrofit or new build projects and a demonstration system for smart energy monitoring and management. Associated outputs will include greatly improved insights into the energy use patterns and opportunities as well as methods specific to the unique challenges motorsport venues face for effective carbon reduction.

Project Poster:

Download Saadia's project poster (PDF - 427KB)

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Expected Completion Date:

Summer 2017

Why did you choose Reading?:



BSc Environmental Science


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