Mitchell Curtis

Project Title: Mitchell Curtis

Energy Demand Response Modelling and Metering Data Disaggregation

Partner Organisation:

KiWi Power

First Supervisor:

Dr Jacob Torriti

Second Supervisor:

Dr Stefan Smith

Project Description:

This research project looks at the potential for using Demand Side Response (DSR) in Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The SME sector of energy users has traditionally been excluded from DSR usage due to prohibitive setup costs and limited capability for energy reduction.  However, as SMEs represent 30.2% of peak electricity usage in the UK this sector is an important and sizeable segment of the market where usage of DSR, if hurdles are overcome, can help meet future energy targets. Working with a UK DSR aggregator company, KiWi Power, this project will utilise quantitative, qualitative and data modelling research methods to analyse the energy profiles of SMEs to understand usage and to assess the potential of different DSR solutions for the SME sector

Project Poster:

Download Mitchell's project poster (PDF - 315KB)

Student Profile:

After over 10 years work experience in the information technology and communications industries as an analyst and project manager, I was looking for a change. Therefore in 2012 I decided to undertake an MSc in Renewable Energy at Reading University in order to pursue my interesting in this area. Having completed the MSc I decided that 'Smart Grids' are the future and the area I was most interested in, thus lead to my decision to undertake an EngD in this subject area.

Associated/Relevant Research Groups/Centres:

Demand Centre



Expected Completion Date:


Why did you choose Reading?:

Having completed in 2013 a MSc in Renewable Energy at Reading University I recognised the expertise, knowledge and support that this university could offer me during completion of a  doctorate.


Master of Science in Renewable Energy
Master of Communications
Bachelor of Commerce
PRINCE2 Practitioner


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