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Viv rimmer

Viv Rimmer


I currently work as part of the Teaching Preparation team in the Hopkins Building. Duties include preparing materials and equipment for practicals, laying out and clearing for classes, and practical demonstrating. I provide training and assessment for new users of histology equipment (cryostat, microtome and staining facilities), and molecular biology facilities and equipment in Harborne Building. I also have various other maintenance and housekeeping duties in the School, and input Reading Herbarium specimen data for web-based access.


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Career history

After graduating from Aberystwyth in 1981 with a BSc (Hons) in Botany and Zoology, I tried a variety of jobs, coming to the University of Reading in 1989 as a technician in the Zoology Department, when I provided technical input to a wide range of research projects in ecology, farm animal welfare and molecular biology. I moved to a teaching and research technical support role in 2008.