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Valeria Castelletto

Teaching and Research Technician - Chemistry


My present duties involve planning, ordering, preparing, constructing and laying out of teaching and project materials and equipment according to the practical class schedule to ensure that classes run in a timely professional manner. I also upkeep of consumables, collections and equipment and carry out minor maintenance activities, such as housekeeping, waste management, stock control and ordering. My duties also involve delivering in-direct research support through the upkeep of central analytical equipment including booking of facilities and basic training.

Professional experience/ previous jobs:

School of Chemistry. Univ. of Reading, UK. Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Research Complex at Harwell. Medical Research Council, UK. Electron Microscopy Specialist

School of Chemistry. Univ. of Reading, UK. Postdoctoral Research Associate and Sessional Lecturer.

National Physical Laboratory, UK. Senior Research Scientist - Biotechnology.

School of Chemistry. Univ. of Reading, UK. Royal Society Fellow and Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

School of Chemistry. Univ. of Leeds, UK. Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris, France. Research Scientist.

Lon Brillouin Laboratory. Center of Atomic Energy, France. Research Scientist.

National Synchrotron Light Laboratory, Brazil. Research Scientist.

Education/ professional registration/ professional membership:

Ph. D. (Condensed Matter/Physical Chemistry), University of So Paulo, Brazil.

BSc (Physics), National University of La Plata, Argentina.

Areas of Interest

I make part of running and hiking groups.

Publications and involvement in projects:

I have 241 scientific publications (H-index= 44; 5892 citations without self-citation).