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Raymond Lau

Ray Lau

Technician - Teaching & Research 


Technical Lead for: CH1PRA intro, CH1PRA org, CH1PRA inorg, CH1PRA phys, CH2PRA phys and CH2PRA inorg.

Lab coordinator.

Professional experience:

Senior scientist (Discovery division) at Biofocus plc

Senior scientist (Discovery division) at Evotec AG

Analytical chemist (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at Europharm laboratoires (HK)

Education/ professional registration/ professional membership:

BSc (Hons) Chemistry at University College London

PhD Chemistry at University College London

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Registered Scientist (RSci)

Additional skills and interests:

8 years industrial experience in synthetic organic synthesis.

Awards/ honours:

University of Reading - Outstanding performance and lasting contribution as a member of the support staff to the undergraduate students of the Chemistry department.

University of Reading - Celebrating Success Award.

University of Reading - Lump Sum Award for demonstration excellence.

University of Reading - Nominated for the RUSU support staff Excellence Award.

Publications and involvement in projects:

Styrylsulfonamides; US 7,208,526 B2; 24/04/2007.

Heteroarylethenyl derivatives, their manufacture and use as pharmaceutical agents; US 2007/0010564 A1; 11/01/2007.

Heterocyclic benzylamino derivatives, their manufacture and use as pharmaceutical agents; WO 2007/014707 AI; 08/02/2007.

A commentary on the self-assembly and properties of a chiral titanium alkoxide cyclic trimer, P. Hegarty, R. Lau, W.B. Motherwell, Tetrahedron Letters, 44 (2003) 1851-1853.