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Jessica del Rio

Jessica del Rio



In my current role, I manage a small but perfectly formed team of technicians, in the field of Food Microbiology, supporting the School of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Food. We are based in the Harry Nursten (formally Food Biosciences) building, and the main thrust of the team's work is to support undergraduate and Masters' practical classes. The team also performs a 'Lab Coordinator' role for the many research labs in our area, delivering lab inductions, training and supporting Lab Managers in overseeing safety and housekeeping in these labs. We also support outreach events in our teaching labs as well as external courses.

Areas of interest

I currently work as part of a job share, and spend the remainder of my time parenting a growing family. I enjoy baking, crafts, gardening and growing fruit and veg, doing pilates, walking and getting into nature. I love spending time with friends and family, especially over good food!


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Career History

Following my BSc in Biochemistry and Physiology from Reading 1998-2001, I started work for David Leake and Peter Weinberg as a technician in their heart disease research labs. After three years, I moved to virology to support Prof. Wendy Barclay's large 'flu group, until they moved to Imperial College, London. From here, I supported several microbiology labs across the Knight Building, including Prof. Rob Jackson, Prof. Ian Jones and Dr. Ben Neuman. In 2016 I moved roles, and am now based in Food Biosciences as Technical Manager for Microbiology.

Further Information

I am part of the Technical Services Staff Survey Working Group, and also the VCs Professional Services feedback group, and through these activities I hope to influence for the better the environment and systems in which myself and my colleagues work.