Jun Ying Wong

Postgraduate Accounting and Financial management student
volunteered to help in a secondary school Maths class

Jun WongMy experience at the school helped me increase my organisational and time management skills, and re-enforced my knowledge of the different levels and motivation of pupils.

I feel that I have benefitted greatly from the scheme, becoming more confident and testing myself in balancing the scheme alongside my studies.

The most challenging aspect of the scheme was communicating and connecting with the students. To start with they seemed a bit wary of me, although after a few visits they became more welcoming and I soon adapted to the situation and learnt how to connect with them.

At first, I was shocked by the style of teaching and also how the pupils reacted to it, as it was so different from my own. A lot of the teacher's marking of work and teaching methods were via a PC and interactive board and I did come to realise that it was more engaging and interesting for them.

This scheme has made me realise that I wish to go into a career path that will allow me to help others as it gives me a great satisfaction in doing so.

My advice to potential future student volunteers is to go in with an open mind and smile, and enjoy the time that you spend there whilst picking up new skills/abilities

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