Ellis Murley

1st year Business & Management student
volunteered for music classes in a secondary school

sr_sis_ellis_murleyI have a lot of music experience but found my experience as a student tutor one of the most satisfying musical experiences I've ever had.

For 6 months I attended the same class, every week helping with all things musical; from reading music, to singing, to composition.

I was dropped in at the deep end, having to take my very first class by myself as their usual teacher was helping with the school musical. If I had ever been nervous about a gig or an interview before it was nothing compared to this. Despite my nerves, I had an extremely clear briefing from their teacher, and the cover teacher couldn't have been more friendly. The lesson was a fantastic success, I got to know the students well, I gained their trust…and I couldn't wait to come back next week.

In February, the music department asked me if I would be willing to come along to orchestra rehearsals as a coach.  Coaching these rehearsals led to me attending the schools open night mic in April, where I assisted with stage management. It was here that I witnessed an entire evening of students perform in front of an audience consisting of their peers, parents and friends. That evening was easily the highlight of the entire scheme for me.

Personally, I think this scheme has benefited me as just as much as the students benefited from my participation. I was instantly welcomed into the school by both staff and students and was made to feel a valued member of the teaching team.  Not only did it reiterate some of my basic musical knowledge, but I learnt about different genres of music, different interpretations and also about different cultures. This scheme helped me develop my communication skills, time management and broadened my views.

I could not give this scheme a higher recommendation. I would advise all students to at least look into this scheme, regardless of your background. You do not have to be studying the subject to tutor it, just so long as you are interested and committed. Participating in this scheme has possibly been the best thing I've done at university so far. I cannot wait to return in September as a tutor and as the new director of the school orchestra!

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