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Our Resources

We have a large collection of digital resources, videos, software, training materials and a series of guides valuable to those undertaking data driven research. Many of these resources were created with the intention of releasing them under a creative commons licence.

Our guides cover a range of topics, from planning stages of a research project to data management and statistical analysis.

Training materials include SSC training courses, often conducted in collaboration with other organisations.

We have 2 pieces of software, developed for use in our training courses. Instat is a complete statistics package that is particularly useful for analysis of climatic data. SSC-Stat is an MS Excel add-in, which enhances the statistical capacity of Excel. You can find more information in the Instat and SSC-Stat pages.

We also have a YouTube channel, where we put all our training videos.

We are working to enhance the resources section of this site, and will be updating links to new and legacy resources regularly.

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